Sir, – we compose in reaction to a write-up by Derek Scally in your version of 30th entitled “Welcome to the sex capital november…

Sir, – we compose in reaction to a write-up by Derek Scally in your version of 30th entitled “Welcome to the sex capital november…

Sir, – we compose as a result to a write-up by Derek Scally in your version of November 30th entitled “Welcome to the sex money of European countries”.

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While we completely respect the freedom of speech and autonomy of the paper, i need to point out that this short article contains a wide range of erroneous statements and unsubstantiated accusations and I also wish to correct at the very least probably the most questionable of those.

1. It’s not real that “prostitution when you l k at the Czech Republic is legal for over-15s”. No legislation exists within the Czech Republic which may make prostitution appropriate. The above age limitation just is the proven fact that intimate relations with an individual more youthful than 15 years of age is really a offence that is criminal.

Additionally, in conformity with among the by-laws of Cheb (the border city featuring in Mr Scally’s article), which forbids prostitution in its roads, offenders are charged. None associated with the full instances reported to date concern people more youthful than 15.

2. It’s incorrect to declare that Czech officials spend no awareness of the issue of youngster prostitution and intercourse punishment.

There is absolutely no disputing the fact that is upsetting specific elements of the Czech Republic, which share their borders with Germany, are fighting an uphill battle from the ever increasing wide range of intimate offences.

But, the federal government associated with Czech Republic is tackling this dilemma in a accountable and manner that is committed. Meant for this aspect, the European Commission noted in its regular report of November 13th an improvement within the measures taken up to avoid sex tourism into the Czech Republic.

In the danger of saying the most obvious, I want to stress that when you l k at the Czech Republic – as with all the other civilised nations – paedophilia and intercourse trade involving women and young ones are severe offences that are criminal.

The czech Police and their German counterparts in targeting crime of this nature at international level, there is very close and effective co-operation between the Czech Ministry of the Interior.

3. There’s absolutely no pr f to justify the declaration that within the Czech Republic “children of three and four might be offered for rent or purchase”. Sound journalism that is investigative obliged to substantiate such claims with conclusive pr f and particular cases. Within the lack of these, all our company is left with is of nasty gossip.

4. For a relevant point, the workers of this task Karo, whom appear to have been the primary supply of Mr Scally’s article, haven’t provided law enforcement with direct evidence of intimate offences against kiddies. In addition they very rarely attend regular conferences organised by the authorities, that are aimed particularly at fighting son or daughter prostitution also to which Karo representatives are invited.

Furthermore, reports of other organisations that are non-governmental with the exact same problems straight contradict those of Karo representatives.

5. The author claims that “since the Czech Republic l ks to its future into the EU, thousands of their youngest residents haven’t any future”. I find it difficult to imagine just what may have influenced a summary therefore overwhelmingly dreary.

Again i’d argue that difficult facts suggest just the opposite. As an example, Czech unemployment figures compare instead favourably with those on most candidate states and lots of EU member-states.

Nearly all Czech residents enjoy relatively high living requirements, with GDP per capita reaching 64 % regarding the EU average into the Czech Republic all together and 120 % in Prague.

Additionally, it is important to acknowledge that the majority that is large of providing intimate solutions into the Czech Republic aren’t Czech nationals.

6. Mcdougal further suggests that the difficulty of kid prostitution into the Cheb area would be to a large extent connected towards the Roma ethnic minority (“a number of the youngster prostitutes are drawn from Cheb’s big Roma populace”).

When you l k Visalia CA escort reviews at the EC regular report mentioned above, the Czech Republic had been commended for increased efforts to fight the difficulties faced by the Roma community, with unique increased exposure of education. Furthermore, the delicate and controversial dilemmas surrounding the Roma community are shared by all europe and are also perhaps not solely Czech.

I will be appalled that an attribute which may maybe be much more worthy of a tabloid paper ended up being provided such prominence in a prestigious and well-informed magazine, that I have actually constantly considered The Irish occasions to be. – Yours, etc.,

Petr KolОІr, Ambassador regarding the Czech Republic, Dublin.

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